What is NavigatorTMS?

NavigatorTMS is the logistics industry’s premiere Transportation Management System for 3PLs (3rd-Party Logistics Brokers) and small asset-based trucking companies. This software is built to manage every aspect of the business, while also proving to be a significant selling tool. NavigatorTMS is easily the most powerful, user-friendly program on the market today.

Features include:

Home Screen

The home screen is designed to brand and energize your company. Your backlit logo provides a powerful punch to the opening screen and is made even stronger with up-to-date company statistics. Easily collapse your stats to show a corporate logo only page for appropriate times.


The Kiosk screen is the first of its kind, built to go on screens throughout your office or conference rooms, or on monitors at employee’s desks. This unique screen provides real-time data on current pickups and deliveries while also displaying numerous rotating weather maps showing temperature variances and current precipitation throughout the country.

Customer Scorecard

The Customer Scorecard is one of NavigatorTMS’s biggest selling tools. This is built to provide your clients with an accurate portrayal of your service levels to them. Significant client retention and growth can be achieved by regularly sending these reports to your clients. Because NavigatorTMS is mobile enabled, sales reps can easily display these scorecards to their clients during meetings.

Load Tendered Report

NavigatorTMS is by far the most user-friendly product on the market today, and the load tendered reports help achieve this. These reports are designed to efficiently flow loads through their life cycles to give users easy access to any load they are searching for. The Load Tendered Reports also help eliminate service failures, as each day’s pickups and deliveries are segregated out and many other load cycles are filtered to give quick access.

Carrier Profile

Carrier profiles are built to provide analysis of each of your carriers. Carriers can constantly be vetted out, as their real-time service levels and scores are present at all times at the top of the screen. The Carrier Scorecard is also easily emailed or printed out from the carrier profile screen to let your carriers know you are constantly monitoring them. Service levels are often higher from carriers who receive these scorecards.

Event Calendar

The event calendar is part of the internal CRM and designed to give sales reps and management up-to-date client meetings and outcomes. The meetings are color coded to match the part of the sales funnel each client is currently in. Users are also given the ability to set reminders, so they follow up with clients at the appropriate times and keeps prospects from falling through the cracks. The sales activity report is the other part of the CRM, which displays individual or team sales funnels. These funnels can be filtered to any potential code and over any time frame you are searching.

Load Sheet

The load sheet is the engine of NavigatorTMS. Loads can be built in a matter of seconds, and then allow all kinds of data to be stored and viewed relative to each individual load. These screens provide an enormous amount of relative shipment and financial data in an instant. Storage capabilities are built into these screens to allow for POD upload and storage, or storage of any other document related to an individual load. Invoicing is easily conducted through these screens. Vast amounts of data on carriers, shippers, consignees, and billing locations are visible and stored on this screen which gives the user any piece of information they need to properly monitor any individual shipment.

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